The absolute best thing you can do to last as long as she wants you to, to give her whatever she needs to get off without you having to slow down, or just put your attention on her instead of feeling the pleasure yourself, or lessening your thrusting, or adding numbers in your head, or whatever you're coping mechanism is right now, the alternative is to learn the breath stamina technique. This is still the stallion secret stay hard mind trick because while positions can make a difference, the truth is that if you tend to climax too early, a sex position alone probably won't resolve the issue. Fortunately you can reprogram your body to last as long as you want without even having to think about it.

I've teamed up with international men's tantric sexuality trainer Jim Benson. He has this technique called the “me breath.” It's a body based stamina technique any guy can easily learn. You never have to hold back again. Jim's “me breath” combines a certain way of breathing to slow down your arousal with a specific method of contracting your PC muscle at just the right time, in just the right way to defuse the urge to ejaculate too soon. And then while you're doing both of those things, you're doing this relaxing kind of a thrust. She will get off on this thrust. She can't even tell you're doing the “me breath” because you do it while you're making love. If you can drive a car, swing a golf club, you can lock this “me breath” into your body forever lasting stamina.

These three things: the squeeze, to breathe, and the thrust come together to form the “me breath” that stands for much ecstasy. Don't try to figure this out on your own now; you'll make yourself cum faster. There's a trick to it. So instead of slowing down, or pulling out, or having to gyrate, what she really wants is to be pumped, you can just learn the “me breath”. It lets you regulate your own arousal, so you can give her any kind of stimulation from your penis she needs at that moment. Even if you come within a minute or two of being inside her, the “me breath” will increase your stamina more and more over time.

Now you can practice the “me breath” when you masturbate to get really good at it for when you do penetrate her. How to last longer in bed article shows you how to do each step: the squeeze, the breathe, the thrust, and then combine them all together into the “me breath”. All you do is watch five short videos averaging seven minutes in length and you can last as long as she wants you to.

Sexual dysfunction this is a woman who is chronically impacted by this concern and it causes her personal distress. She's really bothered by it. So that's how you make the difference between, you know, your everyday waxing and waning desire, or arousal, or pain issue, versus no, no matter what I do, this problem is going to be there. So that's when it becomes dysfunction.

When you heard just briefing about viagra many years ago and the small amount of time that was spent, and that time was pretty condescending at best. Why do you think that is so far in the future, you know, fast forward to today, and we still have this huge understanding gap in the sexual needs of women and men as they relate to dysfunction? You know, that's really interesting. I think we've made a huge amount of progress in the past 18 years. What we've seen and I’ll tell you where the biggest gap was. The biggest gap was in the education of clinicians or healthcare providers, how are you going to get women to open up to their doctors or their clinicians, it is bare providers are not opening up to them.

And if you ask (and studies have been done) doctors why they don't talk about sexual dysfunction with a patient, they'll say: “I was never educated about it. I don't know how to treat it. I am not always comfortable with that topic of conversation.” Now that you know from 15 years ago fast forward to today. Sexual health curriculum is now, you know, they're sort of commonplace in medical schools around the country. So we see improvement in clinicians and healthcare providers talking to patients about sexual function. There is recognition of how important it is for a woman's overall health and wellness.

And even more importantly I think is that we know that sexual concerns can be an underlying sign or a sign of an underlying medical condition. For example, low libido can be a sign of depression or hypothyroidism. The difficulty with lubrication and genital arousal or change in orgasmic intensity can be a sign of a neurologic disorder or a blood flow issue like a peripheral vascular disease or diabetes. So very important for health care providers to identify a sexual concern and really it is not the responsibility of the of the woman to report it. I want women to report it. It's the responsibility of the healthcare provider to ask the question.

Now let’s talk about the FDA-approved drug for FSD Addiy. The major problem with the Addiy is the cost.  The cash price for the drug is little more than 800 dollars a month, or 27 dollars a pill, or more than 9000 dollars a year for a pill that's associated with a lot of side effects and probably doesn't work very well. Well, there's not a problem with a pill. It's considered lifestyle medication and some insurance companies, and some pharmacy benefit managers say “we're not covering the drug or if we do it's going to be on a third tier.” So you don't have to pay a lot for it supposedly.


15% of people with erectile dysfunction have undiagnosed diabetes. So that's incredibly important, that's a very strong message to your body that we want to interpret and actually work on that diabetes, that blood sugar issue. Because if you have abnormal blood sugar swings that can affect your mood, which can affect your ability to perform, it can also affect your circulation. Often I refer to diabetes as a disease of the cardiovascular system because it causes oxidative damage. What that means is that when your blood sugar spikes high, it damages your cardiovascular system, and circulation becomes more difficult, and you can also develop atherosclerosis, which is the building up of plaques or the hardening of your arteries.

And so that's an incredibly important underlying cause and while some men may not want to live if they're unable to have an erection, to me, as a physician, the most important thing, even more important than having an erection, is going to be I want you live into a ninety and to your hundred and have a long healthy fulfilling life free of blood sugar disease, free of cardiovascular disease and probably being that horny old man at ninety that can still perform. That's what most men I think do want. So this is what I'm going to help you with today.

One important thing to do if you're starting to have erectile dysfunction is the pay attention, did it start suddenly, or has it been something that's been gradually coming on. If it's a sudden change, important things to ask yourself are “Is something changing your life, is there an emotional component?”. Because while most men may not want to admit it, there's a very emotional part of having an erection, and if you're under severe stress, you just lost your job, if you're in an unhappy relationship, then you may not be able to maintain or achieve an erection in that situation.


And one way that you can differentiate that is when you wake up in the morning do you have an erection? Because that's a physiologic process that often happens with men. And so if you're able to wake up in the morning with an erection but unable to perform later with your partner, or if you're able to have an erection in masturbation but not have an erection with your partner, that tells me that there's something going on in terms of stress but also maybe stress hormones. There could be a physiologic component to it, but we'll take a different course of treatment and ways of approaching that then I would for someone who has a circulatory issue or maybe prostate issue and other concerns like that, where it would be a different treatment root.

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Sperm load or sperm count is not the same in every man. Some men have a weak sperm load while the others have them strong. But what if you have a weak sperm load? If so, you will have so many sexual problems that you will have to deal with. For instance, it might be hard for you to conceive a baby because your sperm is not healthy enough. If that is the case with you, we have all the right answers for you. Here are some of the best ways how you can make your sperm loads stronger.

Exercise Regularly


Exercise does help you to get higher sperm load from the inside. The idea behind exercising and more active sperm load are that exercising will improve the level of testosterone in your body. Testosterone itself is a crucial hormone that triggers the creation of more sperm in your body. That is why you need to exercise more if you feel like you need to strengthen your sperm load. There are several exercises that is designed to make your sperm stronger. Some of them include weight lifting, push ups, yoga, and also jogging around.

Eat all the right food


Now that you know that testosterone is one of the more important hormones that can produce sperm load, you will have to change your diet. You will need to get food that can actually improve the level of testosterone in your body. The best method of eating that can improve your testosterone level is to eat a lot of protein. Despite so, you do need to know which ones are healthy proteins and which are not. The best protein would be lean meat such as chicken breast and turkey meat. The best food should also be a balance so you will also need to eat a lot of greens and fruits.

Get some more rest


The level of testosterone will be decided by your level of vitality. It means that you tend to have a low degree of testosterone when you don’t have enough rest. That is why it is imperative that you get enough rest if you want to increase the level of testosterone in your body. Getting enough rest means that you need to get enough sleep at night which is around eight hours of sleep. You also need to relax more by doing yoga or pilates.

Get your supplements ready


If you really want to increase your sperm load in a faster way, you can always get a Semenax pills or medication. There are plenty of different supplements out there that are designed to increase the level of sperm loads in your body. Or you can also take a supplement that can increase the level of testosterone hormone in your body. The effects will be the same as they are both connected. Just remember to prefer the herbal alternatives of those supplements. The herbal pills tend to be a lot safer than the regular chemical drugs formula out there in the market. Rea this Semenax review, to compare this product with other competitors


It is time to learn about how natural penis pumps work. Indeed, when you want to use the best option of the product, this one can do it for you. A natural penis pump is a good product that can enlarge the size of your penis in an instant. You have to make sure that you use it based on the manual book. As a result, it will prevent a problem when you are using it. By choosing natural penis pump, you will see how your penis can become significant later on. Actually, the big penis will be able to make your body becomes unusual quickly. With the presence of penis pump, you will see how your penis can grow larger and larger.

Natural Penis Pumps – How It Works?

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If you plan to use this natural penis pumps, you have to make sure that you read the manual carefully. You have to place this product inappropriate place too so that you will not get problems when using it. As long as you use this product, you will be able to make the size of your penis grow larger and larger. As a result, you can make your mate feels satisfy for having sexual activity with you. In addition, you can enjoy every moment of love with your partner. Make sure to choose this best option of penis pump from now on.

After you use this product, you have to make sure that you place it in the right place. If you place it in the right place, it can prevent you from getting problems when you are using it. It is a good idea for you to select this best option for the product if you feel that you want to make your body becomes fantastic with it. You can see how your penis will be able to attract your mate to make love with you again and again.


Today we will talk about everybody’s favourite subject of most people’s anyway – sex. A lot of science, a lot of investigation, a lot of money get spent to find a quick way to improve people’s sex life. There are a lot of things that you can do on your own, and they won’t be even cos you much. But I want to go over a few things that can help.

There are some natural substances you can use. But firstly let’s back up a little bit if you just work on keeping yourself healthy, your sex life is going to be better. First of all, you have to exercise. If you don’t exercise, you just don’t have the same experience. You are not going to have the blood flow to be able to get the sexual organs to work a well anyway. You are not going to have that endurance and the ability to do things that are required when people make love. So you have got to be in shape. The better shape you are – the more enjoyable the sex life.


You have got to take care of yourself. You don’t want to smoke. A lot of people think that smoking is a damage to the lungs. And yes it is. But it is most damaging to the circulatory system. Most smokers have some real circulation problem; the blood just doesn’t’ get delivered. And you can have a lot of numbness, you can have a lot of tissue damage. But the main thing id sex doesn’t work because the blood can’t be delivered, because you have been smoking. Something to think about.

Cholesterol plaque in artery (atherosclerosis) illustration

Smoking makes your body more acid. And in acid environment nitric oxide things can’t be done as well. That is the important thing. You can’t perform the sexual act, male or female, if you can’t get good blood flow, you can’t make nitric oxide. It has to do with how the blood flow is to the genitals; it has to do with the whole response of the sexual act, it has to do with enjoying the sexual act.

And pretty important that you take care of these mechanisms, they are going to let the whole act occur. It is not just about finding the right pill to take. You can’t just take a pill and have a good experience. There are a lot of other things going on around there.