Secret Of Long Lasting Sex

The absolute best thing you can do to last as long as she wants you to, to give her whatever she needs to get off without you having to slow down, or just put your attention on her instead of feeling the pleasure yourself, or lessening your thrusting, or adding numbers in your head, or whatever you're coping mechanism is right now, the alternative is to learn the breath stamina technique. This is still the stallion secret stay hard mind trick because while positions can make a difference, the truth is that if you tend to climax too early, a sex position alone probably won't resolve the issue. Fortunately you can reprogram your body to last as long as you want without even having to think about it.

I've teamed up with international men's tantric sexuality trainer Jim Benson. He has this technique called the “me breath.” It's a body based stamina technique any guy can easily learn. You never have to hold back again. Jim's “me breath” combines a certain way of breathing to slow down your arousal with a specific method of contracting your PC muscle at just the right time, in just the right way to defuse the urge to ejaculate too soon. And then while you're doing both of those things, you're doing this relaxing kind of a thrust. She will get off on this thrust. She can't even tell you're doing the “me breath” because you do it while you're making love. If you can drive a car, swing a golf club, you can lock this “me breath” into your body forever lasting stamina.

These three things: the squeeze, to breathe, and the thrust come together to form the “me breath” that stands for much ecstasy. Don't try to figure this out on your own now; you'll make yourself cum faster. There's a trick to it. So instead of slowing down, or pulling out, or having to gyrate, what she really wants is to be pumped, you can just learn the “me breath”. It lets you regulate your own arousal, so you can give her any kind of stimulation from your penis she needs at that moment. Even if you come within a minute or two of being inside her, the “me breath” will increase your stamina more and more over time.

Now you can practice the “me breath” when you masturbate to get really good at it for when you do penetrate her. How to last longer in bed article shows you how to do each step: the squeeze, the breathe, the thrust, and then combine them all together into the “me breath”. All you do is watch five short videos averaging seven minutes in length and you can last as long as she wants you to.